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“Shelter, food, water and basic health care are urgently needed, as refugees are being relocated further away from the border, for safety and protection reasons”. ,live ipl streaming 2023,Reconstituted units are now in the north, marking the first formal presence of the army there since 2012, thus paving the way for greater state administration and other developments.,The warning about hazardous military hardware - often referred to by the acronym UXO - came during a meeting of mine action experts at the UN in Geneva..

The UN chief also reaffirmed the continued commitment of the Organization, working closely with national, regional and international partners, to support efforts to advance peace and stability in CAR. ,UNICEF said violence has had a devastating impact on learning, with more than 3,300 schools in the three countries closed or non-operational by the end of 2019.  Overall, 650,000 children and 16,000 teachers have been affected. ,Representing more than 80 nations, they literally came from every corner of the globe, and reflected the diversity and richness of experience of the UN.  ,best ipl dream team for today.

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live ipl streaming 2023

According to Ms. Nakamitsu, Syria has submitted 17 amendments and several supplements to its initial declaration. So far, 20 of the 24 outstanding issues remain unresolved. ,best ipl dream 11 team for today,He made that point as he sent to the Security Council a summary of a 185-page report from the UN Board of Inquiry that he set up on 1 August last year, into a number of incidents in northwest Syria involving facilities on the deconfliction list and UN-supported facilities. .

“Serious political and social crises in the country have prompted Nicaraguan students, human rights defenders, journalists and farmers to flee their country at an average rate of 4,000 people every month”, UNHCR spokesperson Shabia Mantoo told journalist on Tuesday at the Palais des Nations in Geneva.,According to the UN health agency, 70 WHO-supported medical facilities across Afghanistan treated nearly 14,000 conflict-related cases last month, which compares with 4,057 cases seen a year ago.    ,best ipl dream team for today,MONUSCO took to Twitter on Monday to announce that it will strengthen cooperation with its partners and work closely with the Congolese authorities to find solutions for the people of Beni..

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best ipl dream team for today

“I have said often that winds of hope are blowing ever stronger across Africa. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is one of the main reasons why,” UN chief António Guterres said in a statement.,Also noting the recent declaration of a “state of siege” in Ituri and North Kivu Provinces – where violence by armed groups has been among the worst in the country – she welcomed commitments by the new Government to improve civilian protection, combat those perpetrating crimes against them, and hold national and local elections in 2023. ,On 10 June last year in the district of Torges, a Hema man who was trying to prevent armed assailants from raping his wife witnessed his 8-year-old son being beheaded. .

live ipl streaming 2023,“But I still hold out hope that the promised democratic transition will proceed, as it is not too late for the Government to change the course it is currently set to. The Myanmar Government must face up to its responsibilities, obligations and duties.” ,“This presidency represents not just the return of the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the African stage, but also it should make it possible to demonstrate the commitment of the country and the region to once and for all silencing guns throughout this part of the continent”, she said, again calling for the Council’s support. .

“The UN staff Ethiopia expelled sidelined their oath, the rules of professional conduct, and the principles of humanitarian assistance,” he said, before listing numerous alleged transgressions.,"We urge parties to reach out across conflict lines and cooperate locally, regionally and globally to stop the rapid spread of the virus and, where possible, to share resources, and allow access to medical facilities where needed", they added.,“Prevention is an important and necessary tool but it will only be effective when it is practised in a way that protects and affirms rights”, Fionnuala Ní Aoláin, UN Special Rapporteur on the protection and promotion of human rights and fundamental freedoms while countering terrorism, said when presenting her latest report to the Human Rights Council..

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“Today, millions inside the country and the millions of refugees outside, are grappling with deep trauma, grinding poverty, personal insecurity, and lack of hope for the future”, Special Envoy Geir Pedersen said via video link.  ,best ipl dream 11 team for today,According to UNICEF, as of 19 March, Myanmar security forces had reportedly occupied more than 60 schools and university campuses in 13 states and regions..

In a statement released on Wednesday, Mr. Guterres expressed his condemnation of the "deplorable attack" whilst, in a separate statement, Mr. Griffiths strongly condemned the attacks, and "the killing and injury of many innocent civilians". Both senior officials offered their sincere condolences and solidarity to all who lost loved ones.,UN chief António Guterres continues to follow developments in Burkina Faso, his deputy spokesperson, Farhan Haq, told journalists in New York. ,best ipl dream team for today,UNHCR said traffickers and their accomplices range from the echelons of organized crime and outlawed armed groups, tribal chiefs or state authorities, but can even include parents, relatives or community members.  .

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And yet, despite a global economy is under stress, security tensions on the rise and trade protectionism and climate change causing consequences, especially on developing countries, Mr. Weah “strongly” believes in the UN’s ability to “maintain international peace and security, foster friendly relations among nations, and promote social progress, better living standards and human rights”.,live ipl streaming 2023,The UN chief laid out components for achieving a culture of peace, which he said must be centred on human rights, and on ending injustice and discrimination, whether based on gender, ethnic origin, religion, disability or sexual orientation. ,The suffering of the Syrian people during this tragic and terrible decade still defies comprehension and belief”, said Geir Pedersen, in a statement on Saturday. “Hundreds of thousands of Syrians, men and women, have lost their lives. Hundreds of thousands have been detained, abducted or are missing. Human rights abuses, crimes, destruction and destitution have taken place on a monumental scale.”.

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While the international community’s commitment “remains unwavering” in its support to both sides in finding a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the UN envoy asserted that the process requires “leadership from both Israelis and Palestinians to work together and advance the cause of peace”.,President Trump said via Twitter on Tuesday that the US would not “abandon” the Kurds, referring to them as “special people and wonderful fighters”, adding that “any unforced or unnecessary fighting by Turkey will be devastating to their economy”.  ,The Panel noted that the infrastructure of the smuggling networks from Zuwarah and Abu Kammash coastal towns in western Libya “remains intact and their readiness to conduct illicit exports is undiminished”. .

live ipl streaming 2023,Fears are growing that a so-called “kidnapping industry” is continuing to expand across northern Nigeria, and the country’s President Muhammadu Buhari was quoted in news reports this week, pledging to continue “working hard” to bring an end to the scourge.  ,An “horrific attack against the Inates military camp, in Niger, still haunts the region”, he asserted, adding that “relentless attacks on civilian and military targets have shaken public confidence”..

Leila Zerrougui, Head of the UN's Stabilization Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (MONUSCO), urged Council members to continue to support its efforts to help the Congolese government and people maintain the gains made since its establishment in 2010.,“Some demonstrators have resorted to using violence to express their grievances, and security forces have responded, at times, with unnecessary or disproportionate use of force”, rights office (OHCHR) Spokesperson, Marta Hurtado, told journalists on Tuesday in Geneva.,Meanwhile, the UN humanitarian affairs office, OCHA, reported that 108,500 people, including 47,000 children, have been displaced since the fighting began on 9 October.  Most are living with host communities in Hasakeh, Raqqa and Deir Ezzour governorates, while 17,000 are in shelters..

While many parties have responded positively to the UN chief's appeal, they stressed that more needs to be done to translate it into action.,The resolution also encourages the Somali Government to accede to the UN Convention against Transnational Organized Crime, and develop a corresponding legal architecture as part of its efforts to target money laundering and financial support structures on which piracy networks survive.,On the political front, the Special Envoy said his Office is working to facilitate the convening of a sixth session of the Small Body of the Constitutional Committee. “The United Nations will do its utmost to facilitate implementation of all aspects of resolution 2585 (2021), which extends authorization of Bab al-Hawa border crossing and sends a message that key States – notably the Russian Federation and the United States – can cooperate beyond the humanitarian track”..

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“We have been acting with the cooperation of the Taliban, who have progressively granted access to the areas requested and provided security when needed,” he said.   ,Due to a near total communications blackout across Tigray, establishing facts on the ground is proving difficult, but UN Spokesperson Stéphane Dujarric told correspondents at UN Headquarters that more than half a million people remain in Mekelle “following information that fighting might move into the city in the coming hours.”,Leading condemnation for the 25 October takeover, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, said that at least 13 civilians have been reportedly killed by military and security forces since then, and more than 300 injured. .

live ipl streaming 2023,With the number of internally displaced in Libya estimated at around 343,000 last year – an 80 per cent increase on 2018 - the UNMAS expert insisted that “it’s the Libyan people that are facing the full impact” of protracted insecurity that has followed the overthrow of former President Muammar Gaddafi, in 2011.,The UN Chief listed some of the disturbing examples of discrimination against religious minorities, such as attacks on people and religious sites, and hate crimes and atrocity crimes targeting populations because of their religion or belief..

The spokesperson mentioned reports of more than 500 being killed in 472 attacks and counter-military operations since 2018, and of the severe effects that the attacks and insecurity have had on basic services such as health care and education, as well as freedom of movement. “Malnutrition and starvation are a real threat”, said Mr. Mbogori. “We need urgent resources to launch a coordinated humanitarian response – an immediate necessity to save lives”.,Under-Secretary-General of the UN Office of Counter-Terrorism, Vladimir Voronkov, recalled that last week he presented to the Security Council the Secretary-General’s report on the continuing threat posed by ISIL.,He highlighted the Council’s visit to the country last week and the tribute paid to the 243 fallen peacekeepers who’ve been killed serving the UN Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission (MINUSMA), saying it was “a stark reminder of the sacrifices made over the last eight years in the search for peace.” .

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“We have new evidence of new equipment but also new fighters -  non-Libyan fighters - joining the two camps”, he said. “Therefore, we believe that the arms embargo is being violated by both parties.”,The Ukrainian Ambassador described the failed resolution as like “fresh paint on the mouldy rotten structure of the Assembly, where the paint isn’t actually paint but the blood of Ukrainian children, women and defenders.,A lone attacker armed with a knife entered the Notre Dame Basilica in the city centre at around 9am, according to news reports. A man and a woman died at the scene, while another woman died from her injuries. The attacker was injured after being shot by police and taken to hospital..

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live ipl streaming 2023,“Shelter, food, water and basic health care are urgently needed, as refugees are being relocated further away from the border, for safety and protection reasons”. ,It estimates that billion is required to provide relief and protection to the 183 million people most in need.  .

“Where politics gave us stalemates and divisions, science and cooperation gave us the exit strategy: vaccines. The EU is a staunch promoter of vaccine multilateralism”, with the UN-led equitable vaccine distribution initiative COVAX at its centre, he said.  ,Noting that most protesters were peacefully seeking a better life, the Special Representative stressed that “it is the primary responsibility of the State to protect its people”, spelling out that all forms of violence are intolerable and must not distract from “the rightful demands for reform”. ,“He told me ‘No, but aren't you watching TV? Do you not read the newspapers, madam?’  I said, ‘I am asking you where does Mohammed Merah live, please?’  He told me: ‘Mohammed Merah is a martyr. A hero of Islam. He brought France to its knees!’” .

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“We condemn in the strongest possible terms this attack on innocent children,” said the UNICEF Representative in the DRC, Edouard Beigbeder.,The UN continues to urge all sides in the conflict to ensure that aid workers can safely  access all people in need.,This year, humanitarians have been seeking .9 billion for Sudan, but their appeal is only 30 per cent funded. .

live ipl streaming 2023,According to media reports, more than 150 people were injured in clashes between Palestinians, and Israeli police on Friday, which took place during a tense period of Israeli-Palestinian relations.,As the world watches in horror as Myanmar's military continues to defy calls, including by UN Security Council, to end fundamental human rights violations and “return to the path of democracy”, she told a closed session of the Council that more than 520 people have been killed since the coup began, adding that “the urgency for a solution to this crisis could not be clearer”. .

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“ISIL is resurgent as a covert network in Iraq and Syria”, he said. “Thousands of foreign terrorist fighters remain at large, posing a threat to Iraq, Syria, and the countries they might return or relocate to”. ,india womens cricket world cup squad,Indeed “needs are higher than ever”, he said. “We estimate that 13.4 million people across all parts of Syria require humanitarian aid” – 20 per cent more than last year.   ,For his final point, the UN chief stressed that Afghans, and the region, “also need a country that is secure – not one that is a haven for terrorism or a centre for drug trafficking.”  This, he said, is vital to peace and stability, both in the region and around the world.  .

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It was negotiated under the auspices of the African Union (AU), which had brought the sides together for 10 days of talks in Khartoum. ,best ipl dream team for today,“A significant portion” of the .3 billion to prioritize G-5 operations, pledged at a donor conference last December, “has not yet been disbursed”, and “this year, just one fifth of the necessary humanitarian funds have been received so far,” Mr. Guterres lamented.  ,“In an interconnected world, it is high time to recognize a simple truth: solidarity is self-interest.  If we fail to grasp that fact, everyone loses”, he said, delivering his annual report on the work of the Organization.   .

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As of 7 November, a total of 190,455 civilians were sheltering at various PoC sites on UNMISS bases, with 117,767 in Bentiu alone – the largest population compared to other regions in the country by far.,indian ludo game online,“This means justice systems that apply to all people, equally - not only the rich or those holding the reins of power,” he said. ,Ursula Mueller was briefing ambassadors on aid efforts in Idlib, where nearly 950,000 people have fled their homes since December as the military launched an assault against the last rebel-held stronghold in the country. .

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Liberia’s former President, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, also shared how more than 15 years of UN peacekeeping contributed to the current peace in her homeland.,ipl match tomorrow highlight,Colombia has 32 Departments, or ‘States’. With up to 80 per cent of its population affected, Antioquia was one of the areas most impacted by the more than 50-year conflict.,In a statement issued by his spokesperson, Secretary-General António Guterres urged all actors “to refrain from any action, including violence, hate speech and incitement to violence, that could threaten human lives and undermine the electoral process and national stability.” .

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live ipl streaming 2023

On 1 February, following a general election in which Aung San Suu Kyi's National League for Democracy (NLD) party won by a landslide, the military seized full control of the country, imprisoning elected leaders, and declared a year-long state of emergency, which triggered massive protests. ,Further, as he told the Assembly that Iran would not negotiate on the issue of its nuclear program as long as sanctions remain in place.,UN agencies and partners are working to resume provision of health assistance, with priority given to vaccine rollout through the global solidarity initiative, COVAX, and to revitalizing immunizations generally.  .

“These visits have given me a first-hand experience of the impact of the conflict on civilians in Taiz, including the difficulties they face moving through their daily lives”, Mr. Grundberg said in a statement.  ,Recent projections by the UN humanitarian affairs office, OCHA, show that the number of Haitians who do not have enough to eat is expected to surpass four million this year, up from 3.7 million in 2019. ,Moussa Faki Mahamat, Chair of the AU Commission, pointed out that the COVID-19 pandemic and its “devastating” health and socio-economic impacts represent a further threat to fragile nations. .

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“Breaking up trafficking organizations and addressing the criminal use of fixed routes is crucial to countering movements of foreign terrorist fighters and arms, including to and from Iraq and Syria”, he said.,“With road closed, food, health and other emergency supplies have currently no way to make it into Tigray making prepositioning or re-stocking impossible”, the UN emergency relief agency said in an update issued on Thursday. ,Two-and-a-half years after hundreds of thousands of mainly Muslim ethnic Rohingya fled a campaign of State-led violence, Yanghee Lee said it was no longer enough for the international community to simply monitor grave abuses happening there..

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Stressing the Secretary-General’s call for a cessation of hostilities and for a pathway to peace, she noted how “the talks continue and there is certainly less hostility than there was a few months ago.”,Germany, cosponsor of the resolution, expressed relief over the extension. ,Yemen depends on commercial imports to bring in nearly all its food and everything else. The licenses as currently formulated do not address the underlying uncertainty around commercial transactions in Yemen – including potential risks of criminal liability for many relevant stakeholders, such as banks and suppliers. .

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Among the estimated one million displaced by the violence are children who have suffered terribly, the UNICEF official explained.,Those short-term mitigation measures notwithstanding, however, the Special Representative told Council members that humanitarian relief is not the same as giving hope to the Afghan people or preparing a strong foundation for Afghan self-reliance. ,Mr. Lacroix went on to note that the general security situation in Abyei area remained also volatile and unpredictable, with the most prevalent threats being shooting incidents as well as an increased presence of unidentified armed groups..

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Mankeur Ndiaye, CAR Special Representative and Head of the UN Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission (MINUSCA) voiced his concern over a military counter-offensive against the Coalition of Patriots for Change (CPC) – an alliance of armed groups that launched attacks against forces loyal to the Government ahead of the presidential vote in December, which returned incumbent Faustin-Archange Touadéra to power on 4 January.    ,At the virtual ministerial-level debate, Secretary-General António Guterres stressed repeatedly his call for “an immediate global ceasefire”. ,The Council met under the chairmanship of Mexican Foreign Secretary Marcelo Ebrard as one of the signature events of Mexico’s November presidency.  .

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Speaking alongside Mr. Akram, Bob Rae, Chair of the Peacebuilding Commission (PBC), outlined the specific challenges faced by post-conflict countries, where the Commission is engaged. ,“We have been using hand hoes, and with that you can only do so much. With these ox ploughs coming in, we shall cultivate bigger areas which will help us sustain our families throughout the long dry spell. We shall also have some surplus produce to sell at the market in Rumbek and thus make some money”, she said. ,The deployment of the initial expert mission will not eliminate the threat of an oil spill from SAFER. The mission is designed to produce the needed assessment and generate evidence-based options to permanently address the threat posed by the tanker. The United Nations has no prejudgment as to the outcome of the assessment..

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Ambassadors met in person in New York as a fragile cessation of hostilities continues to hold, following 11 days of deadly conflict this month which engulfed the Occupied Palestinian Territory and several cities across Israel. ,“I have worked in refugee emergencies for almost 40 years, and rarely have I seen an exodus as rapid as this one,” he remarked.  ,He also called for “immediate humanitarian access and assistance, especially to vulnerable communities”, including some 600,000 Rohingya Muslims still in northern Rakhine state and the more than 700,000 who fled a 2017 military crackdown and are now in camps in neighbouring Bangladesh. .

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You can read the full statement on our Meetings Coverage pages, here.,“We have new evidence of new equipment but also new fighters -  non-Libyan fighters - joining the two camps”, he said. “Therefore, we believe that the arms embargo is being violated by both parties.”,This Sunday marks a solemn occasion for the country as it commemorates 10 years since a devastating earthquake destroyed the capital and killed more than 200,000 people, including 102 UN personnel. .

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For the second time this month, thousands of Malians took to the streets of the capital on Friday to demand the resignation of President Ibrahim Boubakar Keïta.,“The year 2020 was like no other in the history of the United Nations”, Secretary-General António Guterres said. ,“According to a recent assessment report, there could be as many as 450,000 people displaced in Shire”, he stated. .

live ipl streaming 2023,Briefing the UN Human Rights Council, Nada Al-Nashif detailed how the profound humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan is threatening basic rights, with women, girls, and civil society among those most affected. ,Guy Ryder, Director-General of the International Labour Organization (ILO), said that immediate action was needed to prevent people being faced with the “impossible choice” of protecting themselves against the virus by self-isolating, “and by so doing removing any possible source of income and survival” that they have..

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